Weed It and Reap

Daphne is a King Charles spaniel. We recently puppy-sat her for a week when she was just 10 weeks old. She was the size of my dog’s head, but what she lacked in size, she compensated for in fervor. She enjoyed attention, and she enjoyed her trips to the back yard, but there was one thing she loved above anything else: (more…)

Born for Greatness

My entry into the world was inauspicious at best. Born in an impoverished neighborhood in our nation’s capital, I was conceived —so my mother would tell me—to keep my parents’ marriage together. Then she proceeded to tell me how the doctor who delivered me committed suicide and my father left us just a few weeks later.

That’s a lot to dump on (more…)

Home Turf Advantage

Before I get started with what God has placed on my heart this week, I want to give you all an update. I’ve been sleeping much better overall during the past week, and I must believe it’s because your prayers are going up like sweet incense before our gracious Lord. So thank you. Please feel free to leave prayer requests as comments, (more…)

What’s in a Name?

All my life I’ve had black hair. I have the photographic evidence dating as far back as the day I was born. It’s part of my trademark. Something about a woman identifies intrinsically with her hair. So most women are very particular about who does their hair or how their hair is done. 
I trust Michelle with my hair. She knows my (more…)