Why You Don’t Want Your Name on the Credits of The Gong Show

Some of you are old enough to remember The Gong Show. The Gong Show was a 1970s version of America’s Got Talent, and like its modern descendent, it was clear that much of America really didn’t have talent. And so instead of buzzing the offending talentless performer, the judge would bang a gong. In many cases, it was about the only (more…)

Of falling birds, belly-up fish and other freaky happenings: How God gets our attention

Let me begin by saying that, yes, I do remember that I promised to talk about what God has brought me through. I am a woman of my word. We’ll get there. But first let’s talk about the headlines.

Seriously, now, who is totally freaked out by all the reports of birds falling dead from the sky by the thousands, of teems (more…)