How to Resist Temptation

A brand-spanking-new believer wrote to me the other day to ask how she could resist temptation. My heart jumped. How remarkable that just a few minutes into her life with Christ she should be so convicted about her lifestyle! At the same time, how remarkable those who have walked with Christ for a long time don’t experience the same conviction!

Don’t get (more…)

Lies We Subscribe To

Every year, an old friend sends me subscriptions to women’s magazines based upon my casual reading preferences from 30 years ago. I go through the magazines, tearing out recipes and making notes of household tips. However, over the years, one particular magazine – aside from the recipes and household tips – has become a mouthpiece for the Modern Woman, represented by (more…)

The Average Mrs. Jones and Her Temple of Doom

Last time we talked about the average woman’s obsession with weight, which many of us allow to define our self-image. We talked about the importance of focusing on the heart – where the Lord’s focus is – instead of stubbornly clinging to our flesh as the source of our identity.
And last time I promised you we would talk next about how (more…)