Jesus Heals

We all know someone who needs healing. Sometimes it’s a serious short-term illness; sometimes it’s chronic or even incurable. The logical response is prayer, except when it seems illogical.

Today I learned a man I admire exceedingly has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a death sentence by conventional wisdom. And how I pray for him says something about my faith.

I serve a (more…)

Live As If You’re Dying

The other day I was able to connect with a friend who just finished chemo treatments, only to find out her cancer has a high probability of returning. 

“I keep thinking about it, and I have to make myself stop,” she said. “I wonder, should I start videotaping Bible stories to share with my grandchildren? What do I do?” Hers is (more…)

God Forbid – But God Permits

As a writer, I study people. I study the way they look and move and think and talk. (Yes, your quirk of pacing while you talk on the phone could show up in one of my characters.) And I only recently noticed a common behavior associated with the popular idiomatic expression “God forbid.”
I always hear that term when people broach the (more…)

But God

Lately my heart has been weighed down by stories of incredible pain – stories of unthinkable suffering among people throughout Africa, of a family losing three loved ones in rapid succession while dealing with life-threatening health challenges, of a newly adopted baby given little hope of quality of life or even longterm survival, of a mother and toddler both facing cancer. 

Each (more…)