Mockers and Brawlers

“I haven’t seen you before,” I said to the young women ringing up my groceries the other day. (I make it a point to build relationships with people wherever I go.)

“I usually work at the liquor store next door,” she said.

“That explains it,” I replied. “I don’t drink.”

“I don’t drink either, and I work at a liquor store!” she laughed.

I then (more…)

Seared Goat and Roasted Mutton

My youngest son came home with a fancy guitar pedal contraption last night that he had found on Craig’s List. The previous owner needed cash and decided to unload it cheaply to ensure a quick sale. The young man asked my son what he would do with the pedal. 
“I’m going to use it when I lead worship,” my son said.
“I used (more…)