Stealing, Killing and Destroying

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.—John 10:10 (NIV)

Two weeks after we moved into our current house, we came home to find someone had been inside while we had been at church. The door was still locked. No windows were broken. No valuables, some of which were out in the open, had been taken. The only way we knew someone had been inside was because the TV cabinet had been moved away from the wall. We changed the locks and the garage door code that day.

Most people don’t want someone breaking into their homes or cars. But each day people are allowing an unseen enemy into their homes and their hearts. This enemy has come not just to steal but also to kill and destroy.

It begins when we leave the door to our hearts cracked open. The enemy, Satan, is good at discovering where our defenses are weakened. Sometimes, in all honesty, we make his job too easy with our unguarded conduct and foolish choices. Once inside, the enemy gets busy.

He is completely unconcerned about the havoc he wreaks. The more, the better. His success, in his view, is your downfall. Your downfall counts as another notch in his belt. It gives him bragging rights.

He is an expert thief, murderer and destroyer of all things good. He steals, kills and destroys your focus. He targets your peace. He consumes your joy. He causes you to forget your purpose. 

He compromises your morals. He undermines your integrity. He runs roughshod over your relationships. Then he sells you lies, which you buy at a high price.

Your dreams and hopes? They’re gone. That line in the sand you said you would never cross? It’s been washed away by a powerful undercurrent that has carried you so far deep that you fear you’ll drown in your own shame and regrets.

Then along comes your Rescuer.

Jesus comes to bind up the wounds of our broken hearts, even when those wounds are self-inflicted. He restores your focus, your peace and your joy. He becomes your purpose.

He rebuilds your moral fiber and integrity. He heals your relationships. He provides truth in exchange for lies. He allows you to reclaim your hopes and dreams. He gives you the power to redraw that line in the sand and maintain safe boundaries. He washes away your shame and regrets.

He gives life where the enemy gives death. The enemy is greedy though generous with the damage he causes, which can ripple through generations. But our Rescuer is abundantly and truly generous with His kindness and grace. 

What have you allowed the enemy to steal, kill and destroy? You may be powerless on your own to reclaim lost territory, but we have an all-powerful Advocate who will fight on your behalf. Enlist His help. Your life is worth it, and His life is worth having.