How You Can Help the Least of These

“And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to the least of these My brothers, you did it to Me.’” – Matthew 25:40

What image comes to mind when you think of “the least of these”? Children? The poor? The downtrodden? As Denny Burke recently noted, the context of Matthew 25:40 demonstrates “the least of these,” contrary to popular opinion, are not the the most vulnerable members of our society. They’re Jesus’ disciples who are sent out into the world to share the gospel.

Meet Lance and Laura

Our friends Lance and Laura Ostman are among the least of these.

963.ostman_lance_lauraFor the past 33 years, Lance and Laura have committed their lives to helping to translate the Scriptures into the Higaunon language. The New Testament was published in 2009, but work continues on the Old Testament.

Now grandparents, Lance and Laura spend a few months each year back in the jungle to check the translation work. Lance continues the translation while stateside – usually while living out of suitcases.

They Need a Home

Over the years, Lance and Laura have relied upon the kindness of friends for a place to stay. Occasionally they have been able to stay in a church mission house. However, church mission houses are no longer available consistently, and even the homes of good friends do not afford them a place to settle and focus on the work before them – the work that has to continue for the Higaunon to have a complete Bible.

They need a home.

And they found an ideal home recently, one near their son in Oklahoma. The home would give Lance the office he needs for his multiple monitors, while also giving them a place for their daughter’s family to stay while on furlough from their own mission field. But getting a home isn’t quite that simple.

A Reality Check

Lance and Laura’s monthly support has fallen, and spending their time stateside raising money takes time away from translation work. To Lance and Laura, nothing is more important than completing the work God has given them to do.

Now in their late 50s, the Ostmans are not in a position to be encumbered with a longterm mortgage. They also don’t need the stress of keeping up with a mortgage while dealing with the additional expenses associated with homeownership. They just need a house.

God’s Provision

God has already been working out the details of their home purchase by providing $31,540 in gifts and allowing the seller to agree to leave the appliances and many furnishings. Both of these are miraculous provisions for which they praise God. But they need additional help.

The three-bedroom, two-bath home they want is selling for $142,500, leaving them more than $100,000 shy of the full amount they need. This is a leap of faith for the Ostmans as they rely upon the Lord every step along the way.

‘It’s Humbling’

Lance and Laura are humbled that friends would come behind them to help them have a place of their own. They even feel guilty for wanting such an “extravagance” for themselves.

But, as I see it, this is a necessary “extravagance” for the work of the Lord to continue so that, by God’s grace, Lance and Laura may live to see the Higaunon receive the full counsel of God.

Will You Help?

If 1,000 people would each give $100, Lance and Laura could close on their house at the end of September with title in hand. This is my prayer for them. I know this is their prayer for themselves.

Maybe you don’t have $100. Maybe you have more. Please consider giving whatever you can to help Lance and Laura get a home of their own. Click here to give, and please share this post to help others become aware of how they can help “the least of these.” And when you stand someday before Jesus, He’ll smile and tell you, “You did it to Me.”

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