To Serve or Be Served

I’m a very old-fashioned girl. My husband comes home from his primary job to turn around and commit his evenings to freelance work, so I try to do the whole June Cleaver thing: make myself look decent, have the house clean, have dinner ready to go on the table, and have his glass of tea poured when he walks in. I (more…)

The Man in the Mirror

Most women don’t enjoy looking in the mirror. It’s a necessary evil, something we do with a corrective eye. Tweeze this, cover up that, straighten this, add color to that. If only we had so-and-so’s eyes! If only we had so-and-so’s hair! If only we had so-and-so’s body!
I’m guilty as charged. Born with very distinctive coloring and features, I spent most (more…)

Technically Perfect

Yesterday I stayed in bed later than usual. I’ve been tired and achy, and I was facing several long days, so I indulged myself. The downside was that I couldn’t get my typical 45-minute to one-hour time of Scripture reading and prayer time in that morning. And with the day that was facing me, my quiet time would have to wait (more…)